Ondokea is a Swahili verb for rising up.

The mission of the Ondokea Foundation is to provide shelter, food, healthcare, counseling, education, and training for battered women and their minor children in Tanzania, East Africa. 

Enable the sheltered women to rise up from submission and fear. Teach them skills and crafts to help them achieve self-sufficiency. 



Millions of women around the world face  domestic abuse, denial of basic human rights and financial hardship that prevents them from achieving their potential.



Ondokea Foundation is devoted solely to addressing women’s social, educational, psychological and economic needs. Please take time to read and get involved.

Please take a look at some of the success stories about individuals who have received supports from Ondokea Foundations.


Your tax-deductible donations will provide care to women and children in Tanzania. We need your support to achieve our goals and meet the urgent needs.

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