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Ondokea Women's Bakery is an income generating project that aims to get women out of extreme circumstances caused by domestic violence and poverty by supporting them with a sustainable means of self-sufficiency. The Women’s Bakery is also a center that provides all-inclusive workforce and personal development training. It’s a safe environment for abused women to learn survival skills and get back their self-confidence. They learn about proper nutrition and gain hands-on experience to help them tackle their daily difficulties. Learn more about this wonderful project and support it. Visit

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Every day, Tanzanian women are beaten into submission. The battered women must get his family's permission to file a complaint with the police. If she goes to her family they will send her back. Girls are more physically vulnerable and are at heightened risk of sexual abuse.


Tanzanian girls from rural areas are trafficked to urban centers and the Island of Zanzibar for domestic servitude and commercial sex exploitation. Girls who are pregnant lose their educational opportunities and other basic human rights. Ondokea Foundation provides housing for severe cases, plus healthcare, counseling, and case management until victims gain stability.

In 2018 the Ondokea Foundation acquired two secure, multiple bedroom housing units for emergency shelter at a total cost of $70,000. Our annual budget to run all of our programs is $150,000. Much more is needed. Your donation and support are important to this vital NGO project. Please consider helping.


Poverty and malnutrition affect the health of many in Tanzania, where 9 out of 10 people live on less than one dollar a day. Poor nutrition is a major concern. Two-fifths of children are already stunted due to lack of adequate nutrition. In urban areas, both food and health care costs are rising. In rural villages, access to primary health care is nearly non-existent. It’s common for people to visit their local Mganga (traditional healer) when sick. HIV/AIDS affects many battered women and the children born to them. Treating sick women and their minor children is a TOP PRIORITY at the Ondokea Foundation.


Literacy is key for rising up from fear, abuse, and submission. Ondokea

Foundation is committed to teaching basic language, math and computer skills to battered women and their minor children in Tanzania, East Africa. You can help support Ondokea foundation programs to build classrooms, a library, and a Computer Lab. Sponsorship is needed for all of these projects. 


Moladi aerated mortar and steel reinforcing can form the walls of a house in only one day. The walls are several times stronger than those of conventional mortar building blocks.

Moladi mortar is fast curing, waterproof, flows easily, and has good thermal and sound insulating properties. Local unskilled labor, trained and supervised by a foreman, can build Moladi Housing units in a few days.

Passive designs help minimize the energy needed for heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. Materials are sourced and supplied from the local community. Visit Moladi Technologies to learn more.