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Evaline Richard

Evaline Richard graduated from Eureka cosmetology college in Arusha Tanzania. She is a single mother of one child. Evaline dream is to open  her own beauty salon. She currently intern at one of the best beauty shop in Arusha Tanzania.

Elizabeth Kakema

Every girl deserves the opportunity to go to school. Various factors contribute to why girls do not get basic education in Tanzania. Teenage pregnancy, frequently by rape, is a common reason many girls do not attend school. Being sold into marriage and poverty are other factors. Ondokea Foundation supports Elizabeth and sends her to Catholic High School to prevent her from being raped, the fate of many young Tanzanian girls and women. Eliza graduated in November 2019. She plans to become a doctor. 

Veronica Kapelega

Veronica Emmanuel Kapelega is currently a student at Institute of Rural Development Planning in Mwanza Tanzania. She is pursuing a degree in community development. Your support of Veroinca will help fund her tuition, housing, transportation, food, and other living expenses while in college. There are many needs and wants that come with a college education, even after a full scholarship.

Matilda Kapelega

Many young and adults struggle to find start up fund, to facilitate their business ideas. They need opportunity and a practical path to become economically independent. Matilda is a single mother of four kids, she currently resides in Dar es salaam Tanzania. Ondokea foundation will provide capital to start a small cafeteria in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. This will help her to start and expand her business, become self-reliant and create employment for others.

While the problem of accessing safe and clean water occurs throughout the world, Tanzania seems to be more afflicted. The Tanzanian government is committed to achieving universal access to clean water, but so far actions are far from reality, especially in rural areas. Ondokea Foundation opened its first well bringing fresh clean water to the nearby village. Fresh clean water is scarce in Tanzania. Many villagers have only polluted water to drink. Traveling to freshwater sources is unsafe.